Welcome to Opal Thai Massage and Spa


At Opal Thai Massage and Spa we offer a variety of services for you. We are centrally located in downtown Kelowna on St. Paul Street, and you can book all your appointment with us online


We offer Thai Massage, Aroma Relax Massage, and several different combination massages for the best health benefits. We also offer foot, shoulder, and neck massage as well as upper back, shoulder and neck massage.


Enjoy our services at Opal Thai Massage and Spa from 30 - 120 minutes for complete relaxation and stress relief.


Opal Thai Massage and Spa in Kelowna BC is the best option for Thai Massage and Aroma Relax Massage


You're in good hands at Opal Thai Massage and Spa. Thai massage offers significant health benefits and has been used in Thailand for centuries as a form of healthcare and wellness treatment. 


Thai massage improves muscular tension, helps relieve stress, and boosts your immune system. Hot compress massage benefits include better blood circulation, reduced swelling and inflammation, and helps with flexibility and relaxation.

Reflexology also offers a range of health benefits, like relief for migraines and headaches, increased energy levels, and revitalized nerve function. 


Read more about all the health benefits of the services we offer on our About page.